Could You Have a Story?

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DATE: Jan 3, 2020
AUTHOR: Tamsin Parker


What makes a story?

There’s a fine line between news and advertising – to achieve editorial coverage there needs to be a
genuine news angle, i.e. a story. To help get your PR off to a flying start in 2020, here are five
questions to ask yourself:


Is your business doing something ground-breaking? Are you launching a new service that will revolutionise your industry?


Is your business celebrating a milestone? This could be taking on 100 new staff, celebrating your 25th year in business or winning a new million pounds’ contract.


Are you expanding, moving to a new premises or taking on new employees?


Has a staff member done something extraordinary? Have they raised thousands of pounds for charity or gone above and beyond?


Has your company or an employee been nominated for an award or have they been
nationally recognised for work they’ve done?

If you answered yes to any of our questions or have plans in 2020 that could fit the bill, then you
potentially have a business-related newsworthy story. Adding it to your PR or marketing plan for the year, will help you plan-ahead and remind you to shout about your story.

LEGS PRA Step Ahead in Communication.

AUTHOR: Tamsin Parker
Tamsin is our Managing Director and the founder of LEGS PR. She is a communications and engagement expert with more than 20 years of journalistic and PR experience in both the public and private sectors. She has worked in newspapers, commercial radio, and regional television where she covered news and sport. Tamsin still freelances as a broadcast journalist as is a lecturer in journalism and sports journalism at Staffordshire University.

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