Eaglet Goes On-Line to Boost Companies’ Credentials

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DATE: Jun 23, 2020
AUTHOR: Tamsin Parker

A Staffordshire business which works throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East has launched an on-line service to help companies through the COVID-19 crisis.

Newcastle based Eaglet Business Systems (EBS), have introduced an on-line education training school to help companies achieve ISO certification.

Their new service called E-glet gives businesses the chance to work towards ISO accreditation, including standards such as ISO9001.

Over five Zoom sessions course attendees will receive all the documentation, information and procedures they need to become implementation ready, which is stage one in the process.

The company owned by husband and wife team Wayne and Jo Pearce have launched the system to help businesses gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Wayne who has 22 years’ experience in the International Business Standards Industry said: “Covid-19 means that there is likely to be increased competition to win new business. Companies will have less money to spend and are likely to want more for that money which means businesses need that competitive edge over their counterparts. Achieving ISO accreditation helps you gain that.  If you’re going through a procurement process to win new contracts, one of the first things businesses look for is whether companies have quality management systems in place. If they haven’t they can probably be ruled out from the start.

“We want to help companies gain that competitive edge and they can do that with us on-line. Our regulatory body has told us that face to face learning and on-site visits shouldn’t be carried out until October. Businesses still need ISO support and by taking our products on-line we are still in a position to help.

He added: “We have always been passionate about what we do and are really keen to see Stoke-on-Trent recognised as a centre of excellent Quality for Management Standards.”

During lockdown Eaglet have also revamped both their websites. To find out more please go to www.ebs4iso.co.uk  and www.isoaims.com    (which is an easy to use software tool that has been designed by professionals to give businesses a simple, straightforward and speedy ISO experience.)

AUTHOR: Tamsin Parker
Tamsin is our Managing Director and the founder of LEGS PR. She is a communications and engagement expert with more than 20 years of journalistic and PR experience in both the public and private sectors. She has worked in newspapers, commercial radio, and regional television where she covered news and sport. Tamsin still freelances as a broadcast journalist as is a lecturer in journalism and sports journalism at Staffordshire University.

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