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Flying High with New Pilot Training System

V-PrepPilots learning to fly holiday jets will see their training transformed thanks to a revolutionary new product developed by a Staffordshire Moorlands pilot.

Captain James Feeney from Cheddleton, near Leek has spent the last two years working with a team of developers, animators, graphic designers and 3D media specialists to perfect a unique on-line training system called V-Prep.

As seen on ITV’s hit series ’Inside the Cockpit,’ pilots learning to fly the A320 currently use a combination of text book learning and flight simulators before they venture into the cockpit – a process which takes up to 18 months.

Now thanks to Captain Feeney’s pioneering new system, pilots can supplement their training virtually. V-Prep combines 3D affects, cockpit video footage and voiceover explanations covering more than 80 different processes for the A320 including: normal procedures, flight control laws and protection and abnormal/emergency procedures. Pilots can access the training 24-7 via laptops, tablets, smartphones and anywhere with an internet connection.

Captain Feeney flew and trained on Boeing and Airbus aircraft for 23 years and has taught and examined pilots training to fly the A320 for the last ten years.

Now Chief Executive of V-Prep, the father of four says: “As a Training Captain I was frustrated by the lack of modern training material outside the simulator or classroom environment and the reliance on old fashioned manuals. I saw that some pilots were supplementing their training with free on-line material that was often out of date and inaccurate so I wanted to create something current, easily accessible, and easy to use and understand. We’ve already had enormous interest from organisations and individuals and with approximately 150,000 additional A320 pilots needed over the next 20 years to cope with the worldwide demand, we’re expecting more and more.”

Senior Captain Keith Longden from Andorra was a senior instructor at Airbus Industries Training, where he actually trained the trainers and has both taught and examined pilots learning to fly the Airbus aircraft over the last 25 years.

He has developed many of the techniques used to fly the Airbus today and provided much of the technical input into the V-Prep training system. He said: “We have developed an extremely professional product for pilots and we have designed it around the way the A320 is flown. We have been absolutely scrupulous with our quality control and are extremely proud of the training we have developed, which we know will save pilots and airlines time and money. Our training is robust, accurate, up to date and will improve the overall learning experience for pilots by making complex procedures easier to learn.”

Pilots can sign up to the training model for $295 a year. Launched in July, 37 pilots have already registered and are using the system. The aim is to have 1000 people registered in the first year of operation and expand the site and it’s capability to offer training on other products in the future.

A test site for pilots to view before they sign up has also been set up and can be viewed by going to: http://redcityventures.com/vprep/

To view the full site please go to www.v-prep.com or email enquiries@v-prep.com or call +44 (3300102205).

Notes to Editors

  • V-Prep is an on-line training system to help pilots who are learning to fly the A320 or Airbus as it can be known.
  • The system, developed by pilots with more than 30 years flying experience and 25,000 A320 training hours, combines cockpit footage, 3D animation and voiceover explanations to cover more than 60 procedures.
  • It costs $295 a year to register and use the site and can be accessed anywhere, where there is an internet connection.

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