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Have Your Say on Care

A Staffordshire nurse and her Nottingham business partner are urging people to give their honest opinion about health, child and social care services to help improve standards.

Debra Palmer from Stoke-on-Trent and James Douglas have launched ‘Compare All Care,’ to promote transparency and raise standards across the health and care sectors.

They’ve dubbed their site the, ‘Trip Advisor,’ equivalent for health, child and social care. Anyone can visit the website to read and write honest reviews about services they need to help them and others make informed choices about where to go or whose services to use now or in the future. The site covers everything you could need in your lifetime.

James, who has a background in IT Sales, says they came up with the idea a few years ago: “We knew of reported appalling care in institutions like Winterbourne, where the standard of care was both shocking and utterly unacceptable. I started to think how on earth, if one day I need a care home for my ageing parents, would I be able to find one I could trust, that would provide the level of care you would expect today. We then realised it applied not just to Care Homes but to every service we might need – we want to know who is the best and the safest!

He added: “That’s why we created the site. We all read reviews about holidays, restaurants, clothes, gadgets etc because we trust them and see the value in them but just how much more important is the health and wellbeing of ourselves and loved ones? We created a platform to allow ‘word of mouth,’ from strangers – real people in the real world. Other information sources just weren’t telling us enough. In business, what we say about ourselves isn’t as important as what other people say about us.”

Debra who has been a nurse for over twenty years and is currently a Primary Care Cancer Nurse working in North Staffordshire added: “ If we use reviews so frequently now, then why wouldn’t you apply the same mentality to something as important as the potential safety of your nearest and dearest? There was a real gap to find and review services all in one place, we saw the gap and wanted to fill it.

“As a nurse part of my code of conduct is ensuring safeguards for the public are in place, this business is an extension of that. We want to facilitate informed choice and provide a transparent platform for feedback that provides quality assurance. We want there to be no hiding place for those providers that are giving poor care, but we also want to be giving a platform for those that are doing a great job too. The public now demand transparency!”

To prevent fraudulent, malicious or offensive content being published, all reviews are moderated to ensure credibility and authenticity.

Thousands of providers are already on the site, with new ones joining us daily. Reviews can be submitted for any provider whether listed or not.

Compare All Care logo

Compare All Care logo

To view the Compare All Care website please go to www.compare-all-care.co.uk


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