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Bespoke Training

If you are looking for very specific training, whether it’s media, marketing or PR related we can help.

All our sessions can be adapted and personalised to suit your specific requirements and can be delivered in group seminars or through one to one coaching sessions.

It maybe that you have introduced a new media team to your organisation which lacks experience so need help with their development or your organisation may want coaching to learn how to communicate at Board level.

Whatever your specific needs and objectives we can help.

Our Media Training Courses

Media Training

Gives participants an overview of how today’s media operates.

Intensive Media Training

Real hands on experience of being interviewed by the media.

Accredited Courses

Formal accreditation from the Open College Network.

Media Awareness

Gives participants an overview of how today’s media operates.

NHS Media Training

Designed and led by a former NHS communications specialist.

Bespoke Training

Media courses tailored for your organisation.

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