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Intensive Media Training

Intensive media training courses from Legs PR.

Our intensive media training sessions give real hands on experience of being interviewed as well as giving you the skills to carry them out confidently and competently.

Our practical sessions give you the opportunity to carry out radio and TV interviews all based on real-life scenarios.

We’ll work with you beforehand to ensure the course achieves exactly what you are looking for and to make sure the exercises or scenarios we use are relevant to your organisation or industry.

By the end of the course you will:

  1. Understand how the media operates
  2. Have had practical experience of carrying out radio and TV interviews, learning how to avoid the pitfalls and plan for difficult questions
  3. Understand the importance of key messages
  4. Have learnt how to maximise positive PR opportunities by spotting potential stories
  5. Have learnt how to plan for stories that could damage an organisation’s/company’s reputation
  6. Received full trainer feedback and the offer of ongoing mentoring support

Our Media Training Courses

Media Training

Gives participants an overview of how today’s media operates.

Intensive Media Training

Real hands on experience of being interviewed by the media.

Accredited Courses

Formal accreditation from the Open College Network.

Media Awareness

Gives participants an overview of how today’s media operates.

NHS Media Training

Designed and led by a former NHS communications specialist.

Bespoke Training

Media courses tailored for your organisation.

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