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Media Awareness

If you are a business/organisation or voluntary/community group that want to understand how the press operates to help raise your profile our media awareness training sessions are for you.

This informal course is taught in a group setting to give participants a snapshot overview and an understanding of how today’s media operates.

By the end of the course candidates will have learnt:

  1. The difference between newspaper, radio and TV reporting
  2. The importance of deadlines
  3. How social media has changed the face of news reporting today
  4. The difference between reactive and proactive and how to manage both
  5. Communication planning and producing key messages
  6. Spotting a story/press opportunity
  7. How to write a press release

Full training notes to support the session will also be given to participants.

Learning exercises can also be added to supplement this training and LEGS PR can also tailor this course to deliver exactly what your organisation wants or needs.

Specific training sessions on any of the areas covered within the media awareness course can of course also be organised. Please contact LEGS PR to chat through your requirements.

Our Media Training Courses

Media Training

Gives participants an overview of how today’s media operates.

Intensive Media Training

Real hands on experience of being interviewed by the media.

Accredited Courses

Formal accreditation from the Open College Network.

Media Awareness

Gives participants an overview of how today’s media operates.

NHS Media Training

Designed and led by a former NHS communications specialist.

Bespoke Training

Media courses tailored for your organisation.