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Staffordshire Lookalike Scoops Award

A Staffordshire business man and his alter ego have just returned from America after scooping an award in one of the world’s biggest lookalike competition.

By day Jamie Pagett runs Bramshall team based corporate entertainment company Ashcroft Park – by night the father of one becomes Breaking Bad’s Walter White or Heisenberg as he’s also known.

The 52-year-old, from Bramshall has just competed in the Sunburst Convention of celebrity impersonators in Florida which sees lookalikes from all over the globe come together and compete in a number of categories. Jamie was nominated in four categories and scooped the best promo sheet award. He mixed with lookalikes including, ‘Marilyn Monroe, Boy George, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, Robert Downey Junior and Oprah Winfrey.’

His uncanny resemblance to TV actor Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter White has also seen Jamie travel to Las Vegas twice, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and even to the Breaking Bad film set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was also centre spread in Take a Break, after his Mum sent a picture into the magazine and he also makes regular appearances at hen and stag dos, Comic Con events and meet and greet corporate events.

Jamie said: “Being a lookalike has given me some fantastic experiences and opportunities. I’ve met Bryan Cranston who told me he was actually a lookalike of me, as I’ve looked like this for twenty years! I’ve also met Walter White junior and been on the 43-mile set tour in America where Breaking Bad was actually filmed. A couple on the tour asked what the best part of it was and they said having Walter White with them, which was really funny.

Jamie added: “The infamous hat and the glasses I wear to get into character I’ve also got sponsorship for, from Specsavers in Uttoxeter, J and P Hats in Trentham. I also have support from Stone based Panda Press, which is all great! Ironically my Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad were all called Walter!”

‘Walter White,’ aka Jamie is already planning to return to America in February for appearances in Los Angeles and Mexico at the Reel Awards where he was nominated for the best actor lookalike award.

To find out more about the convention go to: https://www.sunburstconvention.com/

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