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V-Prep Flying High With New Deal

V-Prep have signed a major new deal with a worldwide training provider which will benefit thousands of pilots.

Bosses behind the revolutionary on-line visual training system have teamed up with one of Europe’s biggest aviation trainers – BAA Training.

The contract means that Lithuania based BAA Training, providing EASA standard aviation training almost all over the world, will now be one of the distributers of the product. Pilots who sign up through them will also get a discounted annual subscription.

V-PrepV-Prep combines 3D affects, cockpit video footage and voiceover explanations covering more than 100 different briefing presentations for the A320 including: normal procedures, abnormal & emergency procedures, supplementary training and flight control laws and protection. (Read more about V-Prep)

Captain James Feeney who lives in Staffordshire has spent the last two years working with a team of developers, animators, graphic designers and 3D media specialists to perfect the system which launched in the summer. Its designed to supplement traditional systems of the learning to fly the A320 like text book learning and using flight simulators.

Captain Feeney flew and trained on Boeing and Airbus aircraft for 23 years and has taught and examined pilots training to fly the A320 for the last ten years.

Now Chief Executive of V-Prep, the father of four says: “We are absolutely delighted to have signed this contract. BAA Training are one of the biggest aviation training centres in Europe and to be working with them to get our product out there is fantastic.

“Sales of V-Prep are increasing all the time organically but this is the first commercial training organisation we have signed up and we are hoping as a result lots more will follow. In the short-term 100s pilots will benefit and long-term we are looking at 1000s,” he added.

As an aviation training centre we seek not only the best quality of the training, but also the innovative approach to the delivery of the training. Therefore, cooperation with V-Prep is a natural result of that. We encourage the idea of realistic training, designed using the latest technology, that is accessible online.” explained Martynas Mazeika, TRTO Department Director at BAA Training.

Captain Conor Keeling is a Captain with 20,000 hours flying experience. He currently flies with a major airline and is also a qualified and accredited Executive Coach, specialising in pilot coaching.

He said: “What I, and the customers I refer, like most about the V-Prep product is the effectiveness of the learning tool, as it explains simply and comprehensively the systems and Standard Operating Procedures of the A320. It thoroughly explains the concepts and details behind each system, in a way that is easy to understand, using a system that you can use to learn at your own pace.

“The unique visual and animated features really assist the simple explanation of some of the more complicated systems, for example, flight control laws. It then follows this up with the actual day-to-day operations that the candidates would expect in their new position.

Captain Keeling added: “The price is very reasonable, and I’d say an excellent investment for pilots in preparation for the very busy conversion courses.  I am very happy to recommend V-Prep to my customers who are embarking on Interview preparation, simulator assessments or those coming back into the industry to get up to speed before the conversion course. From the feedback I’ve received I know they have enjoyed the benefits they have experienced, and felt it is a good value product in enhancing their aircraft technical knowledge.”

Pilots can sign up to the training model for $295 a year. Launched in July, 100s of pilots have already registered and are using the system.

The aim is to have 1000 people registered in the first year of operation and expand the site and it’s capability to offer training on other products in the future.

To view the full site please go to www.v-prep.com or email enquiries@v-prep.com or call +44 (3300102205).

Notes to Editors

  • V-Prep is an on-line training system to help pilots who are learning to fly the A320 or Airbus
  • The site currently has over 70 training films covering 100 procedures with more being added every week.
  • The system, developed by pilots with more than 30 years flying experience and 25,000 A320 training hours
  • It is easy to use with access to any training video within four clicks
  • Sign up process is simple and can be accessed anywhere, where there is an internet connection
  • It only costs $295 for a full year’s subscription for 24/7 access
  • With the headquarters in Lithuania, Europe, BAA Training is present almost all over the world. In addition to the training base in HQ, it is able to offer training solutions for 18 types of aircraft in 54 Full Flight Simulators scattered among 26 locations in Europe, North and South Americas, Africa and Asia. More about BAA Training: www.baatraining.com