World Storytelling Day

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DATE: Mar 20, 2021
AUTHOR: Tamsin Parker

It’s World Storytelling Day – so if you’re being interviewed about your story, whether you work for yourself, are a board member, a charity or you’re part of a massive organisation, there are some simple tips you can use to get your story across in the very best light. Here goes:

S – Succinct – Get to the point, as we always say don’t use 100 words when 50 will do. Whether you’re being interviewed for a TV or radio bulletin ordinarily the journalist will only use around 15 to 20 seconds of your interview. That means you’re only going to be seen or heard for a short amount of time so it’s essential to say the right thing.

T – Tone – Think about who the audience is and how you will be perceived. We know it can be nerve-wracking being interviewed which means some people can come across as being robotic because they just want to get the interview over. Try to be human, approachable and empathetic (if the story lends itself to it).

O – Opportunity – This is your opportunity to shine, to build on your reputation and really get your name out there. Make sure you get it right, by fully preparing, who’s the journalist, is your interview live or pre-recorded, are there any breaking news stories from your sector that they could also ask you about? Reporters won’t always stick to the script.

R – Reinforce – Whatever question you’re asked it’s important to get your message across. Be prepared, think about what the three keys things are that you want to say. Prep, prep and more prep. Do you have up-to-date figures to hand, e.g. how many people has your new scheme helped, how many new staff are you taking on, what is the scheme costing? Journalists love figures – they can make for a stronger story.

Y – You – Be authentic, be yourself. Don’t try and be something you’re not. You don’t need to adopt a Hyacinth Bouquet accent to do an interview. You’ll be so busy trying to remember to speak in your best telephone voice, you’ll forget what you’re saying, and that’s the most important thing, right?

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AUTHOR: Tamsin Parker
Tamsin is our Managing Director and the founder of LEGS PR. She is a communications and engagement expert with more than 20 years of journalistic and PR experience in both the public and private sectors. She has worked in newspapers, commercial radio, and regional television where she covered news and sport. Tamsin still freelances as a broadcast journalist as is a lecturer in journalism and sports journalism at Staffordshire University.

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